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Wildlife Trips

Bob and the crew of Gemini have been taking wildlife trips for the best part of 30 years. They are very experienced bird watchers.

On a usual Wildlife Trip you are likely to spot various Birds including Large Breeding colonies of Guillemots ,Razorbills and Kittiwakes on and around the Iconic Sugarloaf Rock.

Around the Calf of Man are breeding pairs of Choughs, Ravens, Eider Ducks, Fulmars

and Peregrines.

Through Winter and Spring there is a cave on the Calf that hosts a group of up to 50 Purple Sandpipers.

Further offshore Gannets,Skuas,the Rare Storm Petrel and Manx Shearwater (now breeding again on the Calf of Man) and the rarer Black Guillimots and Puffins are seen on most trips.

During May, June and July Basking Sharks up to 30 feet can be seen cruising the tideways when the conditions are favourable.

The fabulous Rissos Dolphins in small groups can entertain through the whole season. Bottlenose and Common Dolphins in larger pods occasionally pass through. Harbour Porpoise can be seen on most trips and the Occasional Minke Whale.

Some Video and Photos from previous Trips can be seen on our facebook page .

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If you would like to join Bob and the crew on a wildlife cruise then please get in touch. Their contact details are a on the Contact Us page and on Facebook.

Prices start from (per person)£25 for a 2hr wildlife and coastal trip and £35 for a 3hr trip