Junior Fishing 2023

Port St Mary Breakwater

 Sunday     7th May     2-4pm H/W   13.05

 Sunday   21nd May     2-4pm H/W   13.00

 Sunday     4th June   2-4pm H/W   11.55

 Sunday    18th June   2-4pm H/W   12.04

 Sunday   25th June   2-4pm H/W   16.43

 Sunday     9th  July    2-4pm H/W   16.48

 Sunday   23rd July    2-4pm H/W   15.21

 Sunday  20th August  2-4pm H/W  14.16  

 Sunday 3rd September 2-4pm H/W  14.15

There is also an Opportunity for the Junior Anglers to go on a Fishing Trip on The Gemini Charter Boat where Life jackets are  available for all ages.

Port St Mary

Isle of Man

Mannin Angling Club